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  All teams that have submitted the following requirements to the Tournament Director at the registration tent.

to. Register all participating players and coaching staff in the MY GOL tournament App with the ages, identifications and the division that requires it.
b. It is the full responsibility of the coach, administrator or person responsible for registering Names, Surnames, dates of Birth and all the information requested in the list of players, the committee is not responsible if the information is wrong or erroneous, any anomaly presented in the list of players will be penalized under the competition regulations.
c. The coach, administrator or responsible person will sign the waiver / release of responsibilities for all his players as the group is aware.
d. Official (current) identification of each player with a photograph per player plus the presentation of the original birth certificate or other document that supports the date of birth of the participating player. (Baptism Certificates are not accepted).

1.Credential of an Affiliated Soccer Association and original birth certificate.
3. School ID and original Birth Certificate
4. Government or DMV credential.

and. Payment corresponding to the participation of the tournament.

All teams that meet the registration requirements and pay the fee before the day of the group draw. All teams may have a minimum of 7 players and the maximum number of players 18 registered per team

Each team may register a maximum of two (2) members of the coaching staff with the tournament Organizing Committee. For no reason will movements of players or coaching staff be accepted once their list has been delivered, the tournament has already begun.

Bracelets or Bandages are a sample and proof of registration of the players, and it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the player to maintain and appear at their games with the bracelet or bandage on their hand at all times, if the player loses for any reason, they must return to the tent. registration with their identifications and pay the amount of $5.00 dlls to acquire a new band, if the player loses the band during the course of a game, for any reason or play during the game and it is reported IN WRITING, they have 30 minutes to present themselves to the tent with their identifications and 5.00dlls to replace a wristband and if during the 30mints that the report time lasts they do not show up, THE TEAM LOSES THE MATCH.
The ages corresponding to each category will be made public through the Tournament Director and will also be published on the page of in the team registration section. The categories of minors U6, U7, U8, U9, U10 and U11 are played in the Fut 9 vs 9 modality with nine (9) players until the month of August and from the month of September only the Div U10 will play in the modality Fut 11 vs 11.


The teams must have made their participation payment at least 2 weeks before the day of the tournament. Players must be registered in the MY GOL APP prior to the tournament. On the day of the tournament, all players must register at the registration tent along with a photo ID and original proof of birth at least 1 hour and a half before the start of their 1st match. Players will need to show their identification to the registration staff. THE TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION STAFF WILL NOT KEEP ANY DOCUMENT, OR ORIGINAL IDENTIFICATIONS OR COPIES
Once registered in the registration tent, each player will be given a bracelet or bandage which he must wear throughout the tournament. If any player loses or removes his bracelet and is participating in the tournament, it is his duty to report to the registration tent with his identification and obtain a new one at a cost of 5.00dlls. If the player does not wear his bracelet, he will not be able to play.


In order to register the players, one (1) current Official Identification (Registration C) with a photograph must be shown when registering the participating player with the team that is going to play in the tournament. We will not collect original documents. All the participants will present themselves at the registration tent or field to be able to identify and register the players and put their bracelet on them. No player will be able to participate in the tournament if he does not register and if he does not remove his wristband.



Players registered in the tournament may play and participate under the following bases:

to. Players may not play on more than one team during the tournament.
b. There are no reinforcements from the lower ages.
c. you

All players will wear a number on the back of their shirt and they will not be able to change this shirt and number once the player has registered in the team to play the tournament.
d. It is the responsibility of the coaching staff for the numbering and uniforms of their team, if they appear with repeated numbers and are expelled from the game, this number should not be used in the next match, and if they use it with a different player and it is protested, they will lose in automatic the match, due to improper use, even if it is a different player

The competition will take place in two phases, a qualifying phase and the second phase of finals. In the qualifying phase, the points system will be applied after the result of each match. This stage will be played in a round-robin format with one round.
The placement in the group standings and general classification table is subject to the following:

• Three (3) points per game won.
• One (1) point per tied game.
• Zero (0) points per game lost.
• If a qualified team leaves the competition or is disqualified, its place will be taken by the team that follows it in the same group or from another group as decided by the organizing committee based on its score and development in the tournament.
• Three (3) points in games by default and score of 3-0
• There is no game won if a team takes the wrong field, it is considered a suspended game and it can be scheduled at another time and on a new field. (as long as it is proven that the team was really wrong)


The format will be dictated by the number of teams registered by category. Groups of four (4) teams. The format will be previously announced days before the date agreed for the tournament on the page

Arbitration Fees are not included in the registration fee and must be paid prior to the start of each game.

The pass in the qualifying phase by groups will be determined under the following specifications. In the event that two or more teams are tied on points in their respective groups, the following tie-break criteria will be applied, in order 1 to 5, to define the location of the teams in the group standings
1. Cumulative score after having played their matches in the group stage.
2. Difference between goals scored and goals conceded Goal average.
3. First-Number of goals scored.
4. Second-Number of goals received.
5. Third-Direct result of the match between the teams involved in the tiebreaker
6. Fourth-Draw (flown).
In the final phase for the champion title, the rounds will be played by direct elimination until the grand final that will define the champion.


  There will be no match to define the third and fourth place of the tournament.


  Players who accumulate two bookings in the same match will be expelled from the field of play and will be penalized with one (1) match suspension regardless of whether it is the qualifying phase or the final phase. There will be no accumulation of yellow cards during the tournament.

  Players who receive a direct red card during a match will not be able to continue that match and will be suspended from the next match (regardless of whether it is the qualifying phase or the final phase) and must leave the playing area. In the event that the expelled player continues with a violent or unsportsmanlike attitude, as well as team players, teams in general, coaches, coaching staff, families, fans, friends, team cheerleaders or any individual related to said team, the team may be expelled from the tournament without the right to appeal, if so considered by the tournament Organizing Committee. If the team is expelled, there is no possibility of reimbursement of the participation registration and said team will be excluded from the following tournaments.
All coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, their families, friends, and cheerleaders. Any Red card is a game suspension automatically. Player with a Red Card who participates in the next match knowing that he was expelled will be punished with final expulsion from the tournament and his team will lose the match without the possibility of appeal.

Any player expelled during the tournament may be required to appear before the Organizing Committee of the tournament in the company of their technical director or team manager. The Organizing Committee of the tournament may determine if the player can continue or if he should be withdrawn from the tournament depending on the offense committed.

The Organizing Committee will expel any player or team from the tournament that commits any of the following acts:
to. Violent or unsportsmanlike attitude.
b. Attack on members of the Organizing Committee.
c. Aggression of or to the public or batons between teams or opposing teams.
d. Aggression to the Arbitration Corps, be it physical, verbal or any other

whatever nature
and. Field or individual battle or of any type will be automatic expulsion of the two teams.

Prior to the start of the tournament, the Organizing Committee and the Tournament Director will announce the official times of the matches corresponding to each category in the WAIVER/ROSTER.
Game times are subject to delay, change or cancellation and it is the obligation of the coaching staff to contact the registration desk to verify the time of their next game.

There will be no overtime. The winning team in the Semifinals and the Final will be the one that scores the greatest number of goals than its opponent.

In the Semifinals and/or the Final, the score ends tied, the winner of the penalty shootout must be defined once the regular time of the match has elapsed. The penalty shootout will take place under the system of five kicks from the penalty mark. At the end of the game, any player who is on the team's roster may participate in the penalty shootout regardless of whether he was on the bench and at the time the game ended he was not in the 11 that ended up playing. The change of Goalkeeper will be allowed for any player who is on the roster of his team regardless of whether the player comes from being on the bench or among the players who finished the game. If the tie continues, alternate shots will be executed until a winner is found (sudden death).

Every team must register, with the Organizing Committee, the color of the uniforms with which it will participate in the tournament. The uniform consists of: game shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and soccer shoes. Every uniform must have, on the back of the game shirt, a unique number that will be assigned to each player on the team. No player can participate in the tournament if their game shirt does not have a number or they have repeated numbers.
The use of shin guards is mandatory for everyone during the tournament. Without proper protection players will be denied participation. NO SHIN GUARDS will result in non-participation in the game
The Referee of the match will determine if the uniforms of both teams are confusing due to the colors, he will request the change of shirts, or failing that, the use of jackets for the visiting team.

Due to the fact that the time of the Tournament is limited, there will be no identification of the local or visiting team and preference will be given to the TEAM WITH THE COACH that arrives first on the field and if there are problems, the Referee will decide who is located on each side of the field. or for a flyer. In the event of a conflict of colors in the uniforms, a ruffle will define who will be responsible for using an alternative uniform.

After the first game played and for the punctual initiation of the games, the teams must present themselves at the registration tent, and consequently at the playing field, 1 hour and a half before the start of the game. There will only be fifteen (15) minutes of waiting time, and if one of the two teams is . A team can start playing a game with a minimum of 7 players on the field, including the goalkeeper. If the team does not show up on the field ready to play, or shows up with less than 7 players, during those first fifteen (15) minutes, the game will be considered suspended.

Any player who has left the field as part of a substitution may re-enter the field of play for the remainder of the match. Unlimited changes during the course of the game. The referee is the only one with the authority not to allow player changes if he considers that deliberate time is being taken or taking advantage of the remaining playing time.

Once the matches have started, they may be suspended due to natural causes or force majeure (hail, storm, tornado or electrical storm). The games will be maintained according to the final result at the time of the cancellation of the pending game. Games will not be replayed or resumed regardless of what minute the match was suspended.
Lack of guarantees and security will be considered as determined by the Organizing Committee

1. Invasion of the field of play. Anyone who is not part of the game.
2. Attempted assault on an opponent resulting in a pitched battle
3. Extreme verbal aggression against the refereeing staff by the coaching staff, players, companions or spectators.
4. Physical assault on the refereeing body or any staff member working in the event/tournament.
5. If one of the two teams gets lost or is on another field.
In the event that a team leaves the field after the game has started, the team that remains on the field will win the game by a score of 3-0.
In the event that a match is suspended, the Organizing Committee will reserve the right to schedule (or not schedule) extra days to meet the calendar

io of the tournament without the right of appeal by the teams.

All teams must be responsible for presenting themselves with match balls. Each team will have to present at least 2 balls in optimal conditions and approved by the central referee.
The U6, U7, U8, U9 and U10 divisions will play with the number four (4) ball.

It is recommended that all players, families and attendees bring water and hydration during the days of the tournament. The tournament will not provide hydration to the participants.

The coaching staff of the team is responsible for the people who accompany the group (Cheers) and must report the rules that apply to this event.
Every cheer has 5 min to move 20 feet away from the court area once their team's game is over.
If a cheer fails or refuses to leave the playing area, you risk having your team expelled from the tournament, for bad practice and violation of the cheer rule.

P R O T E S T A S / RE P O R T S

All protests must be delivered in writing and must be clear and specific.
The term to present a protest will be 15 minutes after the end of the game and when the organizing committee considers that the investigation time has begun, which is 60 minutes for the protested team to present the required documents. After the extra time, if the team does not present the required documents and evidence, it will lose the match on the table and the score will be drawn 3-0. All protests must be presented in writing signed by the accredited delegate of the team, attaching the corresponding evidence to justify their argument. The delegate must give a deposit of $50.00 in cash for each protest, then the deposit will become the property of the Organizing Committee.


For each protest, the corresponding deposit must be delivered. If you want to protest more than one player, then each player is equivalent to one protest.

If the protest is considered inaccurate, misleading, or lacks evidence to warrant disciplinary action, the deposit will not be refunded. Only protests related to the Official Rules of the tournament will be considered; Protests for the interpretation of the rules of the game will not be considered. No match will be repeated, rescheduled, nor will any action be implemented that alters the established tournament schedules. Where appropriate, all decisions made will be made to protect the supreme interest of the tournament and the Organizing Committee and may not be appealed.

  That team that tries to use players that do not correspond to the age of the category corresponding to which they are playing; that team or coach that has registered players with false or suspicious documentation; that team, coach, family member or member of the team that has lied in the age and name of the players, said team will automatically be expelled from the tournament without the right to a refund of the registration fee and banned from future tournaments. Falsifying official documents or using a false identity is a crime and legal action may be taken.

A game is not won by the clothing of any player or by the numbering on the uniform, the color and numbering of the clothing is only for the exclusive control of the refereeing body.

GENERAL DISPOSITION. The body in charge of the interpretation and execution of these regulations will be the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will have the broad power to resolve cases not provided for in these regulations.

There is no refund for any reason or circumstance.
If for any reason the case occurs and the organizing committee so decides, credit could be given to participate in the next event, but it is not a guarantee.

If a team is reimbursed for a legal or valid cause, it will be tabulated and taken into account, if the team played some games and the arbitration cost, field cost and administrative expenses will be tabulated and the rest will be reimbursed.

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